Superdesignern Maya! Välkommen!

April 22, 2021
September 17, 2021

1. Kan du berätta lite om dig själv?
A designer, a creative, a learner, a kidult, a survivor, a mother, a partner, a friend.

2. Vad har du gjort innan Devies?
My design background is a mix of interaction design, interactive design, animation, and visual design.I started my design practices in 2005. My first gig was to create an interactive animation in Flash (and icons) for a company’s client case CD.

Later in 2006, I was lucky enough to start my UX career in Microsoft Research Asia. After working in the gaming industry in China, I came to Gothenburg for the Child Culture Design Master program at HDK, GU, in 2009.I have designed products, services, and visuals for Life Science, smart factories, IT, education, municipalities, museums, agencies, and retail in recent years.

3. Vad fick dig att börja på Devies
Devies is a team of lively and ambitious spirits who welcomes designers as a part of the scaling company. The office is centrally located; the work culture is friendly and thriving. Devies cares about employee’s wellbeing. Besides generous wellness allowance, remote training and yoga sessions are available weekly.

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