Full-time Equivalent Delivery

A team of tech-experts for Lea bank.


Supplier of loan application system closed down

Lea bank is a consumer bank located in the Nordics. When the company that supplied their loan application system was to close down, they needed someone to help them take over and manage the system until they could find a new solution. Since the loan application system is their most important source of income, they had to solve it quickly without any interruptions.

Lea bank required expertise to address something that complex, and they only had a short period of time to learn all the technical aspects, so they decided to contact us for help.


An entire team of tech-experts

The first thing we did was to gather a team with diverse expertise, which we prepared with all the safety aspects of working with a bank, such as 2fA, safety accounts and GDPR. Lea required expertise in many different areas, so we gave them full-time equivalent deliveries to keep the cost down.

Full-time equivalent deliveries are when we choose a team with all the competence our customers need. How many people we have on the team depends; for Lea bank we had eight consultants working on the project. Instead of having them work full-time, we divided the hours within the team and only invoiced Lea bank for two full-time consultants.

Full-time equivalent deliveries worked out well for Lea bank. We could help them with everything regarding the loan application system, such as taking over and managing it without any interruptions in their most important source of income.

When the urgent part of the project was done, we started reducing the number of team members. However, we still have people managing the system, and we also use our developers to help them develop new features and improve the system.


“Devies has a wide knowledge base, they deliver according to plan and they are also eager to learn more about their customers in order to deliver high quality.”

Petter Thoresen, Project Manager

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