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What does our CTOaaS provide?

With CTOaaS, you will pay a fixed monthly fee for a service where your needs are fulfilled through advisory and guidance to steer your company in the right direction. You can get support with aspects such as defining a roadmap, IT-architecture, recruiting the right people and choosing the right technologies. We will step in where you need us whether you are a startup or an established organization.

What we provide:

Due Diligence

We'll help you evaluate and validate the technologies you use and your suppliers.


Active coaching and organizing workshops based on
your needs.

Recruitment Support

Help you help with recruiting the right talent to reach your company goals.


Help you define a roadmap to go from idea to a scalable product.

Management Support

A in-house CTO that supports management and provides new perspectives and input.


Constant availability to book meetings. We will always answer within 24 hours.

Some of Our Clients:

The clients that subscribe to our CTOaaS vary from startups and established organizations. We tailor our services according to your needs.

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