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We want to challenge ourselves and the industry to think anew. Do you want to be part of building the IT company of the future and at the same time be part of changing the IT consulting industry?

We are a group of skilled, experienced consultants who are specialists in system development. Devies seeks out the industry’s greatest talent and lets them put their knowledge and skills to the best use. We do not build companies and put individuals in a box, but build companies around individuals with a good reputation and high ambition.

Why Devies?


To be healthy is one of the most important things for our happiness, and to enable us to live the life we want. That’s why the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone working at (or with) Devies is a top priority for us.


There’s no denying that we all need money in order to live and to feel a certain freedom, and that money is a big part of why we choose to work. But being wealthy has no value in itself. What matters is having enough to be able to do what you care about, and we want to help you identify what that is.


Happiness depends on having our basic needs met. When we’re healthy and don’t have to worry about how to make it through the month, we have the luxury of focusing on our why — our purpose of living and working. We want to create a work environment where we can help people grow and take charge of creating their own happiness.

Our core values



Technology in itself doesn’t bring value to a company. It’s what you do with it that matters — we use technology to achieve business goals.



We strive to build an open-minded culture where people interact, have fun, teach and motivate each other to reach their full potential.



We create business through a value-focused perspective, aiming to put the right competence in the right spot to increase growth.

Devies benefit


Devies benefit

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Devies benefit

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Being a developer at Devies.

We truly believe that the key to successful companies starts small with people who like each other and build together side by side. Everything is based on competence, relationships, trust, honesty and no hidden agendas. Great focus is on the individual’s development and well-being together with the customer, the team and entrepreneurship. Here we are helped to develop on several levels. Technical, consultancy, business as well as private.

Are you our new developer?

You see yourself as a curious problem solver who loves to take on a challenge – no matter how difficult. You really like people and doing your best to make customers feel well taken care of and giving them a positive experience comes naturally to you.

You have good technical skills and know which tools to use for any project you work on. But if it’s something you can’t do, you learn by being curious and with the help of your colleagues who are happy to share their knowledge.

We speak your language. A multi-skilled team that can work across programming languages and frameworks, cloud platforms, algorithms and AI.


So, what can we do to make it feel good for you?

What would you like to do with us?


We are always here for you.

We actually really care.

Tell us, come here and tell us.

We are listening.

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