At Devies, the vision is to create wealth, health & happiness for each other and for our customers. Being curious and committed leads to development and that is precisely why competence development is central to us.

During the years that Devies has existed, we have come to the realization that being kind and positive are really qualities we appreciate and we want to do it with people we like. That is why we spend a lot of time together and organize activities where everyone is included and challenged.

We believe in ambitions and celebrate when people succeed, both in the small and in the big – that is why we design individual goals in unison.

We are today 50+ people in Gothenburg and Stockholm (and also a little San Francisco) who work with system development and people in collaboration. We do everything from design to frontend to backend. During the short time we have been running, we have managed to gather more than 100 years of common experience in system development, won awards such as DI Gasell, but above all we have had a lot of fun.

With us, you are not one in the crowd, regardless of whether you are a customer or a developer.