Nvidia Partnership Because AI happens now.


Everybody’s talking about AI and ML.

But it is not magic, rocket surgery or a thing of the future. It is happening right now, and we are not planning on staying behind.

This is why we decided to team up with literally the best of the best in terms of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. This way we can provide our clients solutions that they can barely imagine themselves.

We agree that it can feel overwhelming to even imagine how AI and ML can help my business grow and improve.

Nvidia have already done what you can’t imagine. Let’s talk!

Problems vs Solutions

Manual processes
Time consuming – High risk ”human factors” 

Lead times to market
Prefabricated data models, ready for implementation

Big Data Modeling
Forecasting and prediction models

True scalability
Vertical and horizontal business scaling

Real Time Screening, Anomaly Detection, Behavior Matching, Model Accuracy, KYC, AML Compliance

Cyber Security
Real Time Inference, Sensitive Information Detection, Phishing Detection, Controlled Data Sets

Intelligent Automation
Document understanding, Process automation, Claims management, Application management 

Digital Twins
Build digital twins of bank branches to train employees, validate product design and scalable solution architecture



Nvidia already have the AI framework. We add what’s required for you to reach your business goals.



Sometimes it is difficult to know what we need. Let’s find out what provides value together.



Let’s stop talking and start leading the race by just doing it. Because the competition probably will otherwise.

Simon Arvidsson

CEO Devies


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Mathias Hansson

CEO Devies Digital Core


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