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Bad companies sucks. We know. Therefore, we want to challenge ourselves and the industry to think anew. Do you want to be part of building the IT company of the future and at the same time be part of changing the IT consulting industry?

Right now we are looking for someone who wants to work with business development for Devies in Stockholm and operationally with CTO as a Service!!

A fantastic opportunity for really exciting consulting assignments as well as being part of building a company!

Why Devies?


To be healthy is one of the most important things for our happiness, and to enable us to live the life we want. That’s why the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone working at (or with) Devies is a top priority for us.


There’s no denying that we all need money in order to live and to feel a certain freedom, and that money is a big part of why we choose to work. But being wealthy has no value in itself. What matters is having enough to be able to do what you care about, and we want to help you identify what that is.


Happiness depends on having our basic needs met. When we’re healthy and don’t have to worry about how to make it through the month, we have the luxury of focusing on our why — our purpose of living and working. We want to create a work environment where we can help people grow and take charge of creating their own happiness.

Our core values



Technology in itself doesn’t bring value to a company. It’s what you do with it that matters — we use technology to achieve business goals.



We strive to build an open-minded culture where people interact, have fun, teach and motivate each other to reach their full potential.



We create business through a value-focused perspective, aiming to put the right competence in the right spot to increase growth.

Devies benefit


Devies benefit

Free books

Devies benefit

Fun activites

Being a CTO consultant at Devies.

What does CTOaaS mean?

With CTOaaS is a service where the customer’s needs are met through advice and guidance to steer their company in the right direction. We offer support with various aspects such as defining a roadmap, IT architecture, recruiting the right people and choosing the right technologies. We work with customers ranging from startups to well-established companies.

CTOaaS can transform an enterprise or larger venture by bringing external objectivity and expertise to an organization that may lack the resources, structure or requirements to support a permanent CTO. For smaller companies, the answers are as varied and versatile as the SMEs themselves

In addition to being up-to-date on new technologies, you should have a business mind and be a bit of an entrepreneur as well as understand people and the importance of leadership, culture and organization.

We are listening

You will be part of a growing group of specialists from Devies who challenge and develop each other but above all help our customers in their journey towards new successful products!

So, what can we do to make it feel good for you?

What would you like to do with us?


We are always here for you.

We actually really care.

Tell us, come here and tell us.

We are listening.

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