Nexa Bridge

Improving the existing IOS app and creating a new version for android platforms.


Nexa is a Gothenburg based company who specializes in home automatization. Their product catalog includes everything from dimmer sockets to motorized controls for blinds. To control and monitor all these various devices, a smartphone app called Nexa Bridge is used.

Before reaching out to Devies, Nexa already had a native iOS and Android application available on the market. However, on initial contact they expressed a concern that the iOS-app might be too complicated to understand and utilize for the end-customer. Furthermore, the Android app was more or less neglected in terms of bug fixes and functionality. Thus, the objective was clear: Devies would help to lower the threshold for usage, and make a unified experience for both Android users as well as iOS-users.

By shifting focus from technical towards human, the team gained empathy for the users. This resulted both in happier users and less resources needed to be spent on support errands.

PM Flex

Supporting them with defining requirements and implementing a mobile adapted CRM-System that was realized as an IOS app


PM Flex is the European leading manufacturer of electrical conduits with presence in over 50 countries. In order to keep their competitive position on the market they sought help with improving their CRM system. The primary objective was to identify various use cases as well as different ways to automate tedious tasks. The outcome of the project was a user-friendly iOS-app for smartphone and tablet integrated with their existing ERP system. A solution simplifying the daily workload for the sales team, enabling them to gain control of their customer interactions as well as making the organization’s admins more effective.


Devies shaped the internal processes during the development of a reliable mobile application.


Västtrafik is one of Sweden’s main providers of public transportation with more than 400 000 customers each day. As a way to ensure a positive commuting experience, they continuously expand their digital services as well as the core operation itself. When it was time to upgrade their digital transportation pass system and trip planner in mid 2018, they reached out for an Android & iOS expert to lead the way for Västtrafik’s own development team.

The app’s primary purpose is to manage payment and issue tickets for public transportation within the region of Gothenburg, and manages a great deal of security issues as well as integrating two of the major payment providers. Västtrafik decided to replace their legacy cross-platform app with a new native solution for each platform. The app uses state of the art technology and the latest recommended frameworks. It also received a facelift in visual style and increased responsiveness.